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Counterfeit goods and counterfeit goods under the laws of Vietnam

Hàng Giả Và Hàng Nhái Theo Pháp Luật Việt Nam

ICC Bascap publishes report on anti-counterfeiting and piracy for the first time in Vietnam For the first time, a comprehensive 39-page report on intellectual property issues in Vietnam covers the status of infringement of intellectual property rights, counterfeit goods and counterfeit goods issued on the initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). called ICC, xem thêm….

In Vietnam, counterfeiters thrive because consumers are cheap

mỹ phẩm giả kém chất lượng

counterfeit goods thrive because consumers are cheap Nguyen Thu Ha bought a pair of Gucci shoes for only 1/10th of the same pair she had seen at an Italian high-end brand’s store abroad. Although she feels different from the pair she tried, she seems very happy. “I know this is a fake. I’m not fooled, xem thêm….

How to recognize genuine Everon products

tem chống giả everon

The problem of counterfeit and counterfeit goods is rampant. This significantly affects the interests of consumers as well as the business activities of manufacturers. Big brands are targeted by counterfeit manufacturers. And one of them is Everon bedding – a brand owned by Everpia Vietnam Joint Stock Company. Because counterfeit manufacturers do not want to, xem thêm….

Prevention of trade fraud in the retail market

sieu thi

The presence of many international retail brands in Vietnam shows that the demand for domestic shopping is increasing. However, besides the fierce competition to dominate the market, trade fraud has appeared and there are signs of increase with many unfair competition tricks. Over the years, the economy has grown, people’s lives have improved, contributing significantly, xem thêm….

Electric bikes and smuggled bicycle components dominate the market

xe đạp điện

About 700,000 electric bikes and 50cc motorcycles are sold each year, but analysts say the actual number is 1 million. Motorbikes and electric bicycles have become increasingly popular in Vietnam in recent years, especially in rural areas. Smuggled goods, counterfeit goods are occupying the market, causing large losses of trillions of tax dollars for the, xem thêm….

Anti-counterfeit stamping for Dalat potatoes

dán tem chống giả cho khoai tay da lat

Anti-counterfeit stamping for Dalat potatoes has been Lam Dong Provincial People’s Committee has approved a pilot project to promote dalat potato brand against Chinese potatoes believed to be of Dalat. Dalat potatoes have two types of yellow skin and pink skin Chinese potatoes: evenly sized while Dalat potatoes are less uniform thick shell on the, xem thêm….

Anti-electronic stamps plastered for imported alcohol

Useanti counterfeitingstampsforproductsisconsideredthemosteffectiveandeasy to implementmeasureintheanti counterfeitingproblemofenterprises.

Electronic anti-counterfeiting stamps for import alcohol management is one of the modern customs application schemes. According to Mr. Nguyen Duong Thai, Deputy Director-General of Customs The Government agrees to advocate the application of advanced technology in customs management for imported alcohol. During the regular meeting of the Ministry of Finance this morning, Mr. Thai said, xem thêm….