Hologram anti-counterfeit stamps are growing with remarkable progress

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anti-counterfeit stamps with built-in bras and lens effects

Growing hologram anti-counterfeit stamps have implications for the industry,

A new method to improve the security of anti-counterfeit stamps has been developed at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

As team leader Joel Yang said, the hologram’s relationship in making anti-counterfeit stamps is similar to anti-infectious antibiotics.

Regular development of new technology is necessary to prevent counterfeiters when old holograms become easier to copy.

Now the team hopes to create large-scale, high-power hologram projections and develop dynamic three-dimensional screens for special applications used in hologram anti-counterfeit stamps.

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Hologram anti-counterfeit stamps

Cong Cunning Minh is proud to be one of the enterprises holding advanced anti-counterfeiting stamp printing technology

into the most current type in the production of stamps against counterfeit goods on the market.

This technology has many advantages such as variety of designs,

scanning printing technology with advanced technology to improve the quality of stamps,

ensure that stamps
are reused and counterfeite

With more than 10 years of experience in printing and distributing anti-counterfeit stamps

Cong Cunning Minh is committed to always bring you quality stamp products,

suitable for use at the most affordable price.

Cong Cunning provides hologram anti-counterfeit stamps in 2D, 3D, 3DF (Color Communication) with different printing technologies to improve the highest anti-counterfeiting for cu
stomers’ products. You need to contact us directly

by phone 0902 738 548 meet Ms.Nguyen for advice and the most preferential price.

2D anti-counterfeit hologram stamps

(anti-counterfeiting technology stamps – usually have 1 layer)

3DF anti-counterfeit hologram stamp

(stamps printed under new technology, with 2 or more layers and depending on the direction of view, we will see 2 different contents on the stamp)

Hologram stamps against coloring

We provide stamps in the form
of: + Sheet form (for hand paste).
+ Roll form (for glued, hand-glued). With the sizes, shapes, colors as required by customers.

The number of purchases the more preferential prices, suitable for medium and large enterprises.


Roll-resistant stamps will help businesses save a large amount of time,

effort as well as money compared to manually stamping.

In production, the reduction of costs to compete is a most important issue of the business.

When Viet Nam is ranked very low in terms of productivity,

optimization of machinery automation to reduce the labor force,

cost will decrease.

Roll anti-counterfeiting stamps are one of coxami’s strengths,

suitable for large production enterprises such as packaging factories in the pharmaceutical industry, veterinary medicine, cosmetics, food ….
here are also semi-automatic hand paste machines, the speed of paste on the conveyor belt will also be faster than the sheet paste and still ensure good adhesion.

Automation by machines

Roll-resistant stamps can be used in automatic stamping machines.

Just put the stamp roll in, the machine will quickly stamp on the product according to the pre-installed process.

Machine automation also makes stamping simpler, more accurate and quick.

Using automatic stamping machines and roll stamps simplifies stamping.

Minimizing the maximum cost of work will help businesses save more.

Save time and work

As noted above thanks to automatic stamping technology,

stamping time is greatly shortened.

This saves businesses a significant amount of money hiring people to stamp manually,

as well as speeding up the time to complete the shipment.

Background color and shape of hologram anti-counterfeit stamps:

– Monocolor stamps: The stamp background has only 1 color such as silver, gold, copper, blue, red …

– Multicolor stamps: In addition to the common one-color stamp background, we can provide a multi-color stamp background.

Multicolor stamps are stamps with multiple colors combined on the same stamp.
or example: gold combined with silver, blue in combination with red.. depending on customer requirements.

Stamps are highly anti-counterfeit, prominent, easy to distinguish but cost more than monogrome stamps.

– 2D, 3D technology:

Stamps have multiple layers overlapping, Creating float, sink, hiding multiple layers.

Dot-matrix technology:

Dot-matrix technology makes stamps look more vibrant in high resolution,

suitable for designs, dynamic effects help attract the eye.

Microtexts Technology:

The letters, characters, micro-security characteristics are not visible to the naked eye

hidden printed for anti-replication, they are seen only under a microscope.

– Color-through effect (3DF):

An effect that creates multiple overlapping content on the same location and is shown when seen at different lighting angles.

– Lens effect: (Lens)

This effect creates a floating mass like water droplets floating on the surface – thanks to the convergence of the light absorbed into it.

This is a new technology that makes stamps different, stand out, will be easily distinguished

with other stamps, improving the anti-counterfeiting capacity for goods.

Through the above advantages,

Hologram 2D/3D anti-counterfeit stamps are a safe and economical solution,

help you not only protect your brand reputation

but also save a lot of other costs.

In particular, we will send people down to assist if the stamping by machine malfunctions,

so you can be assured of product quality,

as well as COXAMI’s customer support and consulting services.

A beautiful, strange and exclusively designed anti-counterfeit stamp on the advice of Cong Cunning Minh

not only help you protect your products from counterfeiting,

but also a very useful brand recognition sign.

When using stamp design consulting services of Cong Cunning Minh, you will be: + C
onsult the type of stamps, glue suitable for the product.

+ Advice on how to design beautiful stamps, brand recognition.
+ Send samples in advance to customers to try to test quality.

+ Especially experienced consultants using rolls stamps used in automatic paste machine. If you need support, the engineers of Cong Cunning Minh are ready to come to the place to help you solve the problem.

called three-dimensional color printing to secure important documents such as I ISEs, passports and banknotes.

The novelty three-dimensional optical device uses four authentic images,

microcolor printing and three three-dimensional projections,

can be used for advanced security labels on banknotes,

passports and credit cards, as well as color printing structures without dyes.

As decrypted in Natural Communication:

The device creates what researchers call a rectangular three-dimensional color print

Appears as standard color printing in white light

But the image can be projected onto the screen when lit up with the laser pointer,

make counterfeiting more difficult and easier to authentice.

Although hologram anti-counterfeit stamps are one of the most common measures to prevent fake documents.

People who are currently working tend to use only light phases and do not exploit its margins, and the stereotypical way to print hologram stamps, is prone to tampering.

While typical diffraction optical components can only project single images, these new color prints bring design complexity to deliver a higher level of security as well as visual appeal.

The prints are made up of nano-3D printed polymer structures and a color image is displayed under ambient white light by adjusting the light margin,

while projecting on three different hoolyes under red, green or blue laser light.

The researchers demonstrated this by creating a new type of nan structure pixel arranged on a plane, with each pixel acting as a speed collision (phase control) and blocking the road (margin control) for light.

Color pixels are developed by overlaying structural color filters onto phase plates and columns of different height structures acting as structural color filters that adjust the light margins to recognize the colorful image without dyeing.

A computer algorithm that takes multiple images as its input has been used, then creates an input file that determines the location of different phase and color filter components.

Comprehensive prints are produced with high-resolution 3D printing, which provides greater functionality by combining nanostructures into each phase block.

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