Nanotechnology improves the counterfeit resistance of hologram stamps by encoding light polarization

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anti-counterfeiting nano-stamps

Holograms are a common part of our lives. They are in your wallet, protecting credit cards, cash, driver’s license from fraud in scanners and other sophisticated devices.

Although hologram technology has been around for decades, researchers are still struggling to make hologram stamps more compact, complex and safer.


Researchers at the School of Engineering and so on. Harvard John A. Applied Sciences Paulson programmed polarity into compact holograms.

These holograms use nanostructures that are sensitive to polar (oscillating light direction)

to create different images depending on the polarity of the coming light.

This progress, works on the light spectrum.

Can improve anti-cheat holograms as well as images used in entertainment.

Nano hologram study described in Scientific Advances

What’s novel in this study is using nanotechnology

We have created highly effective hologram stamps

It means very little light is lost to create images

Federico Capasso, Robert L. Professor of Applied Physics. Wallace v? Vinton said.

Hayes senior researcher in Electrical Engineering and senior author of the paper.

By using polar light to

You may see sharper photos and can store more images.

Polarization adds another dimension to hologram stamps that can be used to protect against counterfeiting.

Hologram stamps projected on white screens while changing light wavelengths from blue to red.

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Credit: Capasso Laboratories.

Harvard’s Office of Technology Development has filed patents on hologram technology and related technologies that are actively pursuing commercial opportunities.

Hologram stamps, like digital photographs, capture a field of light around an object that encrypts it on a chip.

However, the photos only record the intensity of light while the hologram also captures the phase of light, which is why hologram stamps appear three-dimensional.

Our holograms work just like every other image

But the image produced depends on the polar state of the illuminated light,

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producing hologram stamps at the top of the

provides an extra level of freedom in design for versatile applications,” said Mohammadreza Khorasaninejad, post-Doctoral PhD student at Capasso Lab and the first author of the paper.

There are several polar states.

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In linear polarity light, the direction of vibration is constant while in circular polarity light it rotates clockwise or counter-clockwise.

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The team built silicon nanostructure models on the glass base, which act as super products.

Each super pixel reacts to a certain polar state of light to come.

Even more information can be encoded in hologram stamps by designing and arranging nanofibers to react differently to the glare of light to polarization.

The same hologram stamp is illuminated with different polarized displays two huge different images.

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Being able to encrypt chirality can have important applications in information security such as anti-counterfeiting,”

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Antonio Ambrosio, a research scientist at Capasso Laboratories and the first co-author, said.

Chirus hologram stamps can be created to display a certain sequence of images only if illuminated by specific polarized light m?unknown counterfeiters.

By using different nanofin designs in the future.

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One can store more images by using light with multiple polar states. Because the system is compact, it has applications in handheld projectors, 3D movies, and wearable optics. Modern polar image systems require cascading some optical components such as beam separator.

Polars and wave plates

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Ambrosio said: “Our metasurface can differentiate between incident polarity using a one-layered pedestal surface

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