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Cam Vinh will be stamped traceability

tem truy xuất nguồn gốc cam vinh

Traceability stamps will help consumers identify and distinguish Vinh oranges from other products. This is also the basis for handling the trade in counterfeit oranges and counterfeit oranges. I don’t think it’s going to work. The report of Nghe An Department of Science and Technology said that since 2007, cam Vinh geographical instructions have been, xem thêm….

New generation anti-counterfeiting stamps applied on all INAX shower products

tem chống giả inax

Printing new generation anti-counterfeiting stamps and new shower products of INAX brand was launched (VEN) – Morning 15/6, in Hanoi, LIXIL Vietnam Co., Ltd. Design of new generation anti-counterfeiting stamps of INAX brand Accordingly, the new generation anti-counterfeiting stamp of inax brand has many advantages: make it easy for customers to check confirm the origin, xem thêm….

The fight against counterfeiting and counterfeiting of products


Printing anti-counterfeit labels (seven-color stamps) is the best suitable option to combat counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods flood the market at record levels. The global value of counterfeit goods is now estimated at about $1.77 trillion. A 2014 study conducted by the International Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance (IACC) valued Chinese counterfeit goods at $1.22 billion for the total, xem thêm….

Nanotechnology improves the counterfeit resistance of hologram stamps by encoding light polarization

tem hologram chữ nano

Holograms are a common part of our lives. They are in your wallet, protecting credit cards, cash, driver’s license from fraud in scanners and other sophisticated devices. Although hologram technology has been around for decades, researchers are still struggling to make hologram stamps more compact, complex and safer.  

Hologram technology for anti-counterfeiting security: Now and in the future

tem chống hàng giả hiệu ứng thấu kính CT

Hologram stamp counterfeiting has been used as a security tool since the late 1970s. Anti-counterfeiting security is an attempt to prevent valuable products or materials from being copied or misrepresented. We use the term “copyright owner” essentially to address anyone who has an interest in preventing counterfeiting, such as a government, brand manufacturer, or intellectual, xem thêm….

Stamps against counterfeiting how to fight against trademark piracy

tem hologram tổ ong

An example of an interesting development in the field of track hoops from Holoptica based in the United States.The floating manufacturer’s three-dimensional document authentication and authentication product called DocVAULT uses a new holocompass feature called holoCOMPASS. The combination of holoQR (anti-counterfeit stamps using qrcode) and holoCOMPASS is opening up new potential as an anti-counterfeiting system, xem thêm….

Hologram anti-counterfeit stamps are growing with remarkable progress

tem chống giả tích hợp qrcode và hiệu ứng thấu kính

Growing hologram anti-counterfeit stamps have implications for the industry, A new method to improve the security of anti-counterfeit stamps has been developed at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. As team leader Joel Yang said, the hologram’s relationship in making anti-counterfeit stamps is similar to anti-infectious antibiotics. Regular development of new technology is necessary, xem thêm….