xưởng in tem chống hàng giả Công Xảo Minh 2
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xưởng in tem chống hàng giả Công Xảo Minh

Anti-counterfeit stamps printed with barcodes, jumping number stamps

– Hologram stamps are numbered jumping in order or printing more barcodes with regular ink, making it easy for customers to control and manage.

stamp hologram qrcode number jump barcode


Jump number stamps, qrcode stamps & barcodes are stamps numbered in order or additional barcodes are printed with regular ink

A great way to provide security for a variety of products and materials,

Holograms with jump numbers are innovative additions in the current industry.

It provides a high level of safety against tampering and duplicates.

Jump number stamps are made explicitly make easy to read and scan easily.

Jump number stamp feature:

– Aesthetic design, beautiful, clear

– Glue with good adhesion

– Waterproof surface

In the industry, digital stamp jumps are used as a way to track products.

The latest inkjet printing technique is used to encode numbers on different hologram patterns.

Therefore, these holograms are designed for different security purposes to protect products from counterfeit and counterfeit goods.

Anti-counterfeit stamps with QRcode

Holograms with QR codes are mainly used to create a unique identity for the product.

These qrcode hologram stamps are structured with quality materials and the latest printing systems.

QR codes support electronic information tracking by changing the distance and width of parallel lines.

The combination of Hologram and QRcode code is perfect to make confirmed items easy and further show support in the checkout process in stores…


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