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Transparent Hologram anti-counterfeit stamps

Transparent holograms are used in accordance with all products, of which the product surface is necessary to be visible along with the brand protection.

These Holograms are carefully designed using optimum quality materials and adhesives for thin rolling as a regular film.

Different sizes, shapes, designs, and color patterns provided by Cong Xao Minh to meet diverse industrial requirements, transparent hologram stamps come in two forms:

Transparent hologram anti-counterfeit stamps all part:

The stamp is decal-like but has been scanned for light-integrated holograms.

transparent hologram anti-counterfeit stamp
complete Transparent

Transparent hologram anti-counterfeit stamps a part:

Stamps are only transparent parts of the customer’s will, making a unique difference to the stamp to help stamps better anti-counterfeiting.

hologram anti-counterfeiting stamps throughout the part
Transparent a part


Transparent PET film

Anti-counterfeiting features

Three-dimensional vivid effect

Custom design


Hologram features throughout:

High resolution, bright and clear, easy to paste, can’t delete and copy

Transparent PET films are designed three-dimensionally to prevent certificates and documents from being tampered with

Anti-counterfeiting features created by high-level security technologies

Three-dimensional live effects that increase the value of your product

Custom design can be suitable for products

Protection against abrasion (image color, intensity and viewing angle)

High-resolution point matrix combined with 2D/3D three-dimensional shapes

Best Anti-Counterfeiting Solution Gives An Attractive Look to a Specification Identification Card

Specification of transparent Hologram:

Form: Sheet form and roll form can be provided.

Quantity: The number of labels per sheet will depend on the label size.

The number of labels per roll will be placed according to the customer’s requirements.


Highly recommended to protect certificates and documents

Transparent holograms express a unique transparent hologram that naturally highlights and does not bind any material, labels, or products.

They do not cover the contents of the surface but transparent holograms are pressed only on the surface but a transparent film with a seven-color effect

Thus transparent Hologram can cover the entire position on any text or image that it is pressed into to resist copying

Cunning Minh offers high-quality anti-counterfeiting alternatives with transparent Holograms that can be pasted in the same way as regular collage films.

Widely used in ID cards, packages, bottles and books, the range can be pressed as a regular thin film and is appreciated for its durability, brightness, depth and high resolution.

With the help of a team of experienced professionals and advanced technology, we are able to design and develop customized transparent three-dimensional solutions on PVC, BOPP and Polyester according to customer requirements.

We only use high-quality ink to print hosal photos on transparent Hosal Photos for great shine and clarity.