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What it means to use and produce, Counterfeiting is a problem?

Counterfeit goods are a problem in the world today as well as in Viet Nam increasingly complex and sophisticated. Consumers always have to be wary when buying goods, and manufacturers always have to fight for the helpless.

With solutions from laser technology, Cong-Xao-Minh Company invested in breakthrough innovation of the most advanced anti-counterfeiting technology today.

We innovate from the stages of crafting many times more sophisticated than the old models available in Vietnam such as convergent lens application, neon sign effect, Dot-matrix – sophisticated point matrix, vibrant colors, animations, depth, and float – creating many layers of … help eliminate copying to make counterfeits.

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The fact that counterfeit products (counterfeit goods) often look like real goods from 10% to nearly 90%, can not be the same at an absolute level. So counterfeiting is a problem?

But it is only recognized by official manufacturers and distributors and consumers often do not recognize if not too carefully consider the identification recommendations if any.

Even consumers buy counterfeit goods from official distributors or retailers without their knowledge. So the relative resembling or “same same, almost identical” must be eliminated to solve this problem.

With many years of operation in the packaging printing industry and the anti-counterfeit labeling industry, we always understand and wonder to find effective solutions to help genuine manufacturers protect their products.

We create product lines of labels, foil, film, and so on. anti-counterfeiting differences are the key to our company.

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  • Cong-Xao-Minh Company is a licensed company operating in the field of printing stamps against counterfeiting legally.
  • We are committed to: Strictly control the legality of each order, to protect the brand of customers.
  • Strictly manage the production process to avoid loss of products to the outside.
  • Absolute confidentiality of information of products – participate in the analysis of real goods – counterfeit goods when requested from customers or authorities.