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Hologram anti-counterfeit stamp

Cong-Xao-Minh provides hologram anti-counterfeit stamps in 2D, 3D, 3DF (transform color) with different printing technologies to improve the highest anti-counterfeiting for customers’ products.

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Hologram anti-counterfeit stamp have two types:

– Sheet form

anti-counterfeiting stamps

– Scrolling form

anti-roll anti-counterfeiting stamps

Hologram Anti-Counterfeit Stamps With Technologies:

– Floating word hologram stamps

bras holo anti-counterfeit stamp

– Floating word and in-depth hologram stamps:

bras holo anti-counterfeit stamps have depth

Hologram anti-counterfeiting stamp yin and yang (void – honeycomb – exclusive)

antitrust stamps

exclusive hologram stamps

– Hologram 2D, 3DF anti-counterfeit stamp:

Stamps have multiple layers overlapping, Creating effect floating, sinking, hiding multiple layers.

Dot-matrix technology:

Dot-matrix technology makes stamps look brighter with high resolution, suitable for designs, dynamic effects help attract the viewer’s.

Microtexts Technology:

With Microtexts Technology the letters, characters in micro-security characteristics that are not visible to the naked eye are hidden that can help prevent copying and they are only seen only under a microscope.

nano-shaped hologram stamp

 – Transform color Effect (3DF):

An effect that creates multiple overlapping content on the same location and is shown when seen at different lighting angles.


hologram stamp 3df

– Lens Effect: (Lens)

This effect creates a floating block like water droplets floating on the surface – base on the convergence of the light absorbed into it. This is a new technology that makes the stamp different, striking, easily distinguishable from other stamps, improving the anti-counterfeiting ability.

anti-counterfeit ct stamps

hologram lens stamp

Some notes before using hologram anti-counterfeit stamps:


    • It is possible to adjust the adhesive of glue for many product surfaces is different.
    • For safety, customers can provide samples of products that need stamping for us to test adjust the adhesive of glue.
    • Customers can preview samples before mass stamp production. (However, we need you to contact us for more details.)
    • Make the stamp sizes required by customers at no additional charge.


    • Rough, lumpy surface there may be little contact so when peeling stamps will not tear. The surface has a 3D curvature that will make the stamp bursting.
    • The surface of the product where dusty, chemicals are anti-stick grease …will make the stamp absolutely non-stick
    • The surface of wet products, or stamped in environments with too high humidity also cause unsolicited stamp adhesion.
    • In addition, some materials with high adhesion when stamped also adhesive but peeling stamps do not tear.
    • Because of the above restrictions, customers need to contact and give us samples before ordering.

Cong Cunning Minh is proud to be one of the few companies holding advanced laser hologram anti-counterfeit stamp printing technology in the most advanced type of anti-counterfeit stamp production on the market.

This technology has many advantages such as diversified designs, scanning printing technology with advanced technology to improve stamp quality, ensuring that stamps are not reused and counterfeited.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of printing and distributing anti-counterfeit stamps Cong Cunning Minh is committed to always bring you quality stamp products, suitable for the needs of use at the most affordable price.