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Foil-Hologram is the process of applying the heat link technique to transfer the permanent adhesion of foil to the target surface (e.g. security paper, cardboard, PET resin, PVC, leather…), The surface of the foil hologram is strongly temperature-able, it can withstand 175°C in laser printers, used to print personal information. Once the Foil-Hologram has been pressed onto the surface will not be able to be removed, it resembles a permanent imprint on the pressed surface.

Combining various security features such as 2D/3DF, Dot-matrix, True Color, Moire Hidden text, Micro-text, Guilloche Lines,… Will achieve a good hologram against counterfeit goods.

Needle pressed workpieces are used as decorative panels, unlike ordinary pressed embryos, Hologram needle presses are expressed with a three-dimensional vivid effect on the film.

Therefore, it is widely applied to cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco packaging, and shopping bags,… Cong Xao Minh is a professional Foil-hologram factory.

To meet customer expectations, we offer a variety of Foil-Hologram with excellent quality and reasonable price for our customers’ packaging solutions.

rolled needle presses

With advanced three-dimensional techniques in the world, Cong Xao Minh can provide Foil-Hologram to suit different applications or requirements of customers.

Cong Xao Minh is a leading supplier of hologram embryos as well as hologram workpiece rolls designed exclusively according to customers’ needs.

Foil Hologram also have the same light effect as hologram stamps but in the form of long rolls, used to roll or press heat up on the surface of the product. The foil hologram has pressed the heat to stick to the surface of the product, can not be peeled off, difficult to copy, showing the superiority of the product. Foil Hologram use rolling/squeezing onto paper packaging, Metaline film rolling packaging; on paper decal, decal tank, plastic…

Detailed description of hologram needle presses

Product name: Hologram needle pressed embryo

Template: Company logo

Requirements: use a dedicated needle press

Ingredients: 15/20 micron PET

Size: 20*38.5mm

Features: withstand high temperatures, accurate positioning

Application: degree, business contract, visa card,….

Minimum number of bookings: 100,000