xưởng in tem chống hàng giả Công Xảo Minh


Printing technology: Printing ink in combination with many colors on hologram film – printing bipmap images.

Diverse stamp shapes on demand

Purpose of use:

Stamps when used glued to the product can not be reused for the second time – the stamp will be torn when peeled off from the stamping object.

Often use paste for warranty products (phone, components …), or anti-open sealing, Sealing on the packaging cover has better resistance than decal material.

Special: Better anti-counterfeiting than other stamps. Can be used to paste on invoices. ink stamp on hologram film

Time: From 1 to 5 days in small quantities, or urgently wait for pick up immediatel
y. Price: Depending on the size of your stamp, there will be the number of stamps and the corresponding price of ink stamps on the hologram film

Customers wishing to print stamps or would like to advise please contact us directly at 0773-704-810 to meet Ms.Hue