xưởng in tem chống hàng giả Công Xảo Minh

Transparent Hologram anti-counterfeit stamps

Transparent holograms are used in accordance with all products, of which the product surface is necessary to be visible along with the brand protection.

These Holograms are carefully designed using optimum quality materials and adhesives for thin rolling as a regular film.

Different sizes, shapes, designs, and color patterns provided by Cong Xao Minh to meet diverse industrial requirements, transparent hologram stamps come in two forms:

Transparent hologram anti-counterfeit stamps all part:

The stamp is decal-like but has been scanned for light-integrated holograms.


transparent hologram anti-counterfeit stamp
complete Transparent

Transparent hologram anti-counterfeit stamps a part:

Stamps are only transparent parts of the customer’s will, making a unique difference to the stamp to help stamps better anti-counterfeiting.


hologram anti-counterfeiting stamps throughout the part
Transparent a part