Benefits When Use Anti-Counterfeiting Stamps

ảnh nền tem chống giả

Use anti-counterfeiting Stamps for products is considered the most effective and easy-to-implement measure in the problem of anti-counterfeiting and imitation goods of businesses.Use Anti-counterfeiting stamps, especially stamps with QR codes, will help consumers feel secure when buying goods and are easy to use when they want to check the real thing. In addition to trademark registration, businesses need to use anti-counterfeiting stamps to all products when circulating in the market to protect their brand reputation.

use anti-counterfeiting stamps

Why is the problem of fake goods and counterfeit goods spreading how to use anti-counterfeiting stamps more effective?

There are many reasons for the growing problem of counterfeit goods.

Firstly, businesses, especially domestic ones, often don’t care about trademark protection and intellectual property protection. This creates a situation where businesses produce good quality products, but when the products are counterfeited at lower prices, the counterfeiters benefit. Due to the lack of registration of trademark protection, when a lawsuit occurs, it will be very complicated.

Secondly, at present, there are up to five administrative agencies that have the function and competence to handle administrative violations of intellectual property, including market management agencies, specialized inspectors of Science – Technology, Culture, etc. , Sports and Tourism, economic police, People’s Committees at all levels and customs authorities control imported goods. Although this management and inspection force is large, it operates sporadically. Therefore, the problem of counterfeit goods is still widespread and shows no sign of abating.

Third, related to the psychology of consumers preferring cheap goods, this is the root cause of creating a market filled with cheap goods with high-end labels.

Use anti-counterfeiting stamps for products is the best way to protect your brand

Products circulating in the market are at risk of being confused with counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods are much cheaper, so they will lose competitiveness. If there are no signs to identify, consumers cannot distinguish what is real and what is fake. Therefore, use anti-counterfeiting stamps for goods and products is to create a distinctive sign to help consumers identify genuine products.

The best way to se anti-counterfeiting stamps

Use anti-counterfeiting stamps for products is simple, but it also requires an understanding of use anti-counterfeiting stamps. This is really necessary because nowadays counterfeiting of use anti-counterfeit stamps is also very common. The type of stamp that is currently popular with businesses is a hologram stamp with integrated QR code. Hologram stamps are printed using laser beam engraving, creating 3D images with seven-color dispersion. At each different angle shows different details on the stamp. In addition, stamps are also integrated with QR codes of each business. This makes stamps very difficult to copy and counterfeit. At the same time, consumers can easily scan the QR code with their smart phone to identify the real product. Stamping anti-counterfeiting with QR code hologram stamps is the fastest, most effective and least expensive anti-counterfeiting measure for businesses. Manufacturers and importers of genuine goods that have demand for anti-counterfeiting stamps for products, please contact Cong Xao Minh Printing Company for detailed advice.

Anti-counterfeiting stamps with COXAMI’s laser technology

At the present with the development of science and technology and printing technology, anti-counterfeiting stamps printed by laser technology have become an urgent solution for businesses in dealing with counterfeit goods. rampant in the market, causing many bad effects to consumers and reputable businesses.

Cong Xao Minh (COXAMI) is proud to be one of the very few enterprises in Vietnam that holds the most advanced laser anti-counterfeiting stamp printing technology now.

This technology has many advantages such as a variety of designs, high-tech scanning printing technology to improve the quality of stamps, avoiding the reuse and counterfeiting of stamps.

COXAMI provides for customers with many types of anti-counterfeiting stamps with different laser technologies such as:

  • 2D anti-counterfeit hologram stamp (normal technology anti-counterfeiting stamp – usually has 1 layer).
  • Anti-counterfeiting 3D hologram stamps (stamps printed with new technology, with 2 or more layers and depending on the direction of view, we will see 2 different contents on the stamp).