New generation anti-counterfeiting stamps applied on all INAX shower products

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Printing new generation anti-counterfeiting stamps and new shower products of INAX brand was launched (VEN) – Morning 15/6, in Hanoi, LIXIL Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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Design of new generation anti-counterfeiting stamps of INAX brand

Accordingly, the new generation anti-counterfeiting stamp of inax brand has many advantages:

  • make it easy for customers to check
  • confirm the origin of genuine products anytime, anywhere when buying products.
  • State agencies and consumers identify genuine goods by the most effective methods such as texting to the authentication switchboard, or through the application effect or the color change effect when illuminating ultraviolet lights.

LIXIL applies next-generation anti-counterfeit stamps to all INAX-branded shower products. This is a sign of product quality and origin for consumers, as well as a basis for authenticing the distinction of counterfeit products, supporting businesses and state management agencies in monitoring and handling counterfeit goods.

Welcoming the pioneering and breakthrough innovations of INAX in the use of stamps against counterfeiting the most modern technology, with the highest safety, Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan, Director General of the Department of Product Quality Management, Goods – Ministry of Science and Technology said that this work of enterprises on the one hand helps protect the interests of consumers , on the other behalf of helping the authorities to fight thoroughly with the problem of counterfeit goods and counterfeit goods.

Guests are used and experienced to verify the safety of stamps

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According to a survey by the Vietnam Association of Standards and Consumer Protection (Vinastas).

Up to 62% of consumers buy counterfeit goods without knowing it.

This seriously harms the production, food security, consumer health, environment, environment of Vietnam, while damaging the reputation of the brand, reducing the market share of the manufacturer, worsening the business environment and domestic investment. With sanitary equipment, fake and counterfeit shower products threaten consumers’ health because the content of heavy metals exceeds the permitted safety standards.

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Inax brand’s new shower booth

Mr. Shinji Ito, General Director of LIXIL Vietnam Co., Ltd. affirmed:

“With the application of next-generation anti-counterfeit stamps for INAX brand shower products, we are committed to continuously improving, improving product quality, satisfying, and enhancing the protection of consumers’ rights.”


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