Cam Vinh will be stamped traceability

tem truy xuất nguồn gốc cam vinh

Traceability stamps will help consumers identify and distinguish Vinh oranges from other products. This is also the basis for handling the trade in counterfeit oranges and counterfeit oranges.

I don’t think it’s going to work.

The report of Nghe An Department of Science and Technology said that since 2007, cam Vinh geographical instructions have been certified by the National Office of Intellectual Property with nearly 1,700 hectares, but in fact, there are more than 6,400 hectares with many geographical and orange varieties.

Up to now, the province plans orange area to 8,270 hectares by 2020.

The management of planning and enhancement of the value chain has not been coordinated in sync.

At the recent meeting of Nghe An Provincial People’s Committee with leaders of departments, branches and leaders of orange-growing districts and towns such as Quy Hop, Nghia Dan, Tan Ky, Anh Son, Con Cuong, Yen Thanh, Hung Nguyen, Nghi Loc, Thanh Chuong, Thai Hoa …, delegates attending the meeting said that although the Vinh Orange Production and Business Association was established in 2010, there is no specific regulation on functions, tasks, as well as mechanisms of operation and not to be sued annually.

orange traceability stamps

The scale of orange growers in the localities is small, not yet formed many businesses, cooperatives grow and business oranges. The network of consumption and trading of oranges is completely voluntary, mainly by traders directly negotiating and purchasing people.

At the same time, the labeling of goods has not been interested in the people. This makes it difficult for the authorities in the fight to handle the abuse of Vinh orange brand.

In Nghe An, consumers have not yet formed the habit of using labeled goods, especially for agricultural products and fruits such as oranges.

The above situation is because so far, orange products in the area how many sold out, even at times of fire. For example, in the previous year, near the Lunar New Year, Vinh oranges sold in the garden for 100,000-120,000 VND/kg without enough goods to sell.

Labeling to enhance the value chain

In order to enhance the value chain of Vinh oranges in the fierce competition of many orange products today, in the opinion of businesses as well as departments and industries, Nghe An province needs to implement many solutions in the production and consumption of this famous agricultural product.

In addition to managing and developing cam Vinh geographical instructions, building VietGap orange production model, supporting technology of preservation, trade promotion, product promotion, value improvement, and orange consumption… localities, departments, and industries need to have solutions to control the quality of orange products to ensure sustainability.

At the same time, it is necessary to manage closely and make regular recommendations for orange growers in the use of plant protection drugs, thereby improving productivity and quality towards safe products.

Mr. Nguyen Giang Hoai, Director of Phu Quy High-Tech Agriculture Company said that along with stamping, labels for oranges, the province should organize for households to register and stamp according to the technology of traceability of production to each garden by mobile phone. Agree with the above comments, Mr. Nguyen Van Lap, Deputy Director of MARD suggested that the province should direct closely in the implementation of quality management, can set up a consulting group on stamping, product labeling, seed management …

One issue of concern is that at present, many households invest in planting oranges outside the planning, overlapping with other crop plannings, but localities have not been able to manage and adjust. Therefore, along with branding and product promotion, the strict management of orange tree planning also contributes to protecting and improving brand value.

Traceability stamps

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Duong, Chairman of Nghe An Provincial People’s Committee, affirmed that the Departments of Science and Technology, Agriculture and Rural Development, Industry and Trade and districts need to actively participate with enterprises, cooperatives, orange growers to continue applying for scientific and technical advances on breeding, irrigation, technical processes of care, fertilization, application of VietGAP model to ensure and improve productivity, quality, a value-added chain of oranges.

The printing of stamps and labels for oranges in the direction of easy to understand, easy to trace the origin of production.

The province will support part of the funding in printing traceability stamps for Vinh oranges.

The province also encourages and has mechanisms to support enterprises, cooperatives, production households, and businesses to use logos and labels. At the same time, it is recommended that consumers when buying Vinh orange products should buy products that have been logged and sold in reputable locations.

In the coming time, the province will also promote promotion activities:

  • promoting and developing Vinh orange brand
  • focus on the formation of a consumption network
  • encouraging the formation of large enterprises as a product consumption lead
  • established website for Cam Vinh
  • expanding domestic and foreign consumption markets.

Up to now, Nghe An Provincial People’s Committee will establish the Steering Committee for brand development of Vinh Orange, thereby actively implementing solutions on improving productivity, cam quality as well as solutions to build, promote, develop and manage the brand.

According to the Government Electronic Newspaper