Smart electronic stamping traceability of specialty grapefruit Doan Hung

tem điện tử thông minh truy xuất nguồn gốc

Smart electronic stamping (traceability stamps) will be glued to Doan Hung specialty grapefruit. According to the Phu Tho Sub-Department of Quality Management of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, starting from the harvest in 2017,

In the immediate past, the Sub-Department will coordinate with Doan Hung district to develop 3 display points and introduce Doan Hung specialty grapefruit products in Viet Tri city and Doan Hung district; At the same time, the team to monitor the quality of Doan Hung grapefruit before launching to the market, piloted 200,000 smart electronic stamping traceable to the specialty grapefruit quality of 2 famous grapefruit chi Ho, Bang Luan.

Smart electronic stamping

Through smart electronic stamping, consumers can look up all information about products they buy such as grapefruit varieties, household names, harvest dates, preservation instructions, the content of substances in grapefruit, product photos, product introduction videos …

Special smart electronic stamping

can not be counterfeited and strictly managed, each grapefruit will be supervised by the quality assessment team before being stamped. Doan Hung specialty grapefruit has long been famous throughout the country for its special aroma, cool sweetness, thin shell, succulent shrimp, which is a gift that any visitor to Phu Tho wants to enjoy.

Currently, Doan Hung grapefruit output does not meet the demand of the market so in the market today fake grapefruit, grapefruit does not guarantee the quality is sold rampantly causing consumers to lose trust, affecting the reputation of the brand Doan Hung grapefruit. Up to now, the area of Doan Hung specialty grapefruit has been expanded to 1,116 hectares, business grapefruit yield in 2016 reached 119 weights/ha, the output reached 10,300 tons.

Smart electronic stamping (Compared to 2011)

doan Hung specialty grapefruit area increased by 14%; productivity increased by over 88%; double output. The average income value reaches 200 million VND/ha/year (reaching 200% of the target); many areas for income 400 – 600 million / ha/year.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Xuyen, Chairman of Doan Hung District People’s Committee said that in the roadmap to 2020, the district will continue to develop grapefruit trees in general and specialty grapefruit Doan Hung in particular; increase the area of specialty grapefruit cultivation to more than 1,500 hectares, striving for output reaching 12,000 tons, product value over 300 billion.


the district will also coordinate with the functional sectors to build information channels and forecast the agricultural market of the province; including information about the grapefruit market (quantity, address of production, supply, selling price,..); determine the needs of the market for the consumption of products for each type of grapefruit. Promoting trade promotion, information, and introduction of grapefruit products at agricultural products fairs and contests; building and developing official and prestigious distribution channels such as supermarkets; formed a number of stores supplying products in chains…

smart electronic stamping

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